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5. War Propaganda

Lesson 5
War Propaganda

Quote "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep telling it, and eventually they will believe it" Adolf Hitler.

{Class arrives to this quote on the whiteboard and the teacher introduces the topic of propaganda, how it is relevant and prevalent in WWII and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The teacher writes the definition and features of propaganda on the whiteboard.}

Propaganda: is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, that is used to promote or publicize a particular political cause of point of view. Propaganda is often used as a political strategy by leaders to stay in power, or to convince their people or country to do what the politicians want them to. It is a form of manipulation.

Features of Propaganda:
•Distorting facts; changing the truth
•Pointing out an ENEMY
•Emotive language
•Stereotyping or generalising, especially groups of people
•Using symbols, slogans, repetition and clichés
•Avoiding the details of an argument
•Asking help from authorities
•A ‘call to action’ or appeal to the public for support/action
•A (too) simple solution to a problem

Activity: Class watches the following You Tube videos as examples of propaganda. The first as an example of Amercian propaganda, and the second as an example of German anti-Jewish propaganda. Students are advised to consider what they see in terms of symbols, characters, misrepresentations, opinions, etc. Class then discusses what the students have noticed. (25 mins)

Activity: Class then views the following propaganda posters and comments on the symbols, characters, colours, images, and how all these things contribute to a propaganda message. Students are to consider how effective these are in presenting their message. Students are to note the relevance of the two latter images as Australian propaganda. (20 mins)

Activity: Class then views the following propaganda speech excerpt from British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and comments on the ways in which language creates similar symbols and imagery to the visual texts, and how this type of propaganda message is revealed, and how effective it is. Students are to note how propaganda is prevalent on both sides of the war. (15 mins)

Quote: “Here in London, which Herr Hitler says he will reduce to ashes, and which his aeroplanes are now bombarding, our people are bearing up unflinchingly. Our Air Force has more than held its own. We are waiting for the long-promised invasion. So are the fishes. But, of course, this for us is only the beginning. Now in 1940, in spite of occasional losses, we have, as ever, command of the seas. In 1941 we shall have command of the air. Remember what that means. Herr Hitler with his tanks and other mechanical weapons, and also by Fifth Column intrigue with traitors, has managed to subjugate for the time being most of the finest races in Europe… I tell you truly what you must believe when I say this evil man, this monstrous abortion of hatred and defeat, is resolved on nothing less than the complete wiping out of the French nation… All Europe, if he has his way, will be reduced to one uniform Boche-land, to be exploited, pillaged and bullied by Nazi gangsters Winston Churchill

{For homework, students are instructed to search the internet for other propaganda on WWII or any other topic of their choice. Students are to upload, embed or copy/paste this propaganda onto this blog and write a short 5 lines description of where it came from, what they believe it is saying, and how it presents its message.}

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